OXOline for Cognac and Spirits

The 5 reasons to choose OXOline for the storage of your casks

+65% of storage capacity

OXOline augments your storage capacity and reduces your investment: up to +65% increase in storage capacity in the same square footage compared to traditional storage systems. 

Up to 50% labor savings

OXOline reduces your operating costs: each cask is accessible and independent, generating up to 50% less labor to install and maintain your casks. 

Improve the quality of your spirits

OXOline helps to improve the quality of your spirits: cask operations are quick and easy, with simple access to each cask, allowing rigorous monitoring during aging.

Improved safety

OXOline guarantees reliability and safety: the structure and handling accessories are guaranteed to CE standards for 5 years.

A flexible and aesthetic solution

OXOline is  a flexible and aesthetic solution: the structure is scalable and customizable.

The OXOline choice
Which OXOline for your cellar ?